Animal Communication

249062_2107861820448_4148440_nAnimal Communication Workshop : 2-day

Chantelle will be facilitating a 2-day animal communication workshop for adults, but teens are welcome to join this one too. She has spent a large part of the past year working at Jukani Predator Park as their in-house animal communicator where she regularly telepaths with a host of amazing animals, including White Lions and White Tigers. This truly is her idea of paradise, the new earth she speaks of in her talks on 2012, for those who are ready to embrace it. A place and time where humans and animals can co-habit peacefully and respect each other. Animals have a soul and a purpose in the same way that humans do. They have emotions and needs and to be ignorant of that is like sleeping with our eyes wide shut! Join Chantelle for this adventure where you will learn how to speak to the animals!

When: June 11, 2011 at 10:00am until June 12, 2011 at 5:00pm

Please bring along a packed lunch, refreshments will be provided
R950.00 – 10% family discount for more than one member of the family

bookings & enquiries:
Jutta Dobler on or 081-283-6623

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