Animal Talk

Welcome to the wonderful world of animal communication! By the time you have read this you will understand more about the ‘secret’ to communicating with animals. Actually, there is no secret at all, because we ALL have this ability! Our animal friends have so much to teach us, so many funny (and sad!) stories to tell us… all we have to do is open our hearts, quiet the chatter in our minds and listen. In so doing, you too can assist them when they are sick, re-assure them when they are sad and you better believe they will let you know exactly what they like and don’t like! You will begin see the world and its creatures in a whole new light if you remain quiet for long enough to listen… and when you listen, they will speak…

Of course it’s true that animals communicate with us through body language, but it’s also true the animals talk to us all the time and they communicate with us through telepathy, i.e. via thoughts, pictures and feelings. This is the most basic form of communication, and believe it or not, this is an ability we are all born with. We rely on our verbal skills to make ourselves heard and our feelings known, so we push our telepathic skills aside and they then become rusty, like any unused object pushed into the corner, soon forgetting it even existed. Once we re-train our minds, we will remember that we all have equal abilities and we can communicate telepathically with all species. If we don’t believe in magic, we will never find it…

Communicating with animals is a 2-way process: there is a sender and a receiver, something like speaking on a phone. Using telepathy, we can do this with the animals (and people!) even when we are continents apart. A good example of this is when you are thinking of someone, and suddenly they phone you, or you bump into them in the mall, or something similar… it’s as if you are tuned into that person (or situation) in the same way you tune into a TV or radio channel. Is this just coincidence or is it telepathy? We are all born with telepathic skills, but most of us doubt that we have them, so we don’t recognize them.

When I am tuned into an animal and asking them questions, I receive my answers from them in pictures, words and thoughts that flow into my mind. If the animal is feeling sick or something is wrong in its body, I feel an uncomfortable feeling/pain in my body in the same place as the animal. When I am communicating with an animal with a bone stuck in its tooth, I suddenly feel as though I have a piece of bone stuck in my tooth, enabling me to communicate this to the human. Sometimes they show me how they became injured, e.g. a dog showed me how he lost his leg when he was run over by a blue car. I could see this in my mind as if I was watching it happen in a movie. When my own cats talk to me, it’s as if I can actually hear their voices in my mind. They all sound different.

Animals are very smart! It’s us humans who can be so dense to think that animals don’t understand, or can’t communicate, or don’t have a soul. If we give them love, they will respond to us with love. They are our friends, protectors and playmates; they make us roll on the floor with laughter and definitely make our hearts burst with love and joy! When we learn to listen to their words, we see just how unique each and every animal is. Some of them have a very good sense of humor and love to crack jokes, there are those who give their humans advice on how to live their lives and have no problem telling their humans off, some manipulate and ‘bend’ the truth better than any human can, some are old and whine about their humans and the other animals in the house, some of them are serious and stern, while others are full of love and joy…

A few reasons why Animal Communication is important:
• To get to know what animals like and dislike: Like us, they have preferences and this could be a reason why your animal might seem to have eating problems; Maybe they are having a real problem getting on with one of the other pets, which can cause a lot of stress and tension in the household. By communicating with them you learn to understand them and deal with them differently – just like our kids!

• To find out why an animal is behaving badly: Animals can sometimes feel very frustrated because they are not being understood and can start playing up to attract attention. At one of my workshops I met a beautiful, but very frustrated horse, who continually kicked the door of his stable, creating a huge drama! Once I was able to calm him down, he wasted no time venting his frustrations about issues that were occurring in his stable that needed urgent attention. On communicating his woes to his humans, many issues were able to be resolved quickly and I know he is a much happier horse now!

• To find out if an animal is sick or in pain: When animals are sick or in pain you can usually tell something is wrong, but mostly you don’t know exactly. By communicating with them, they can let you know which part of their body isn’t well, if they are lacking in vitamins and often they will tell you if they need a vet or not. Please remember, an animal communicator can never replace a good vet.

• To help an animal cross over: When our animals get old or become sick, we are often unsure of what to do. Animals know what they want, and through communicating with them at these times, they will tell us exactly what they want, and they will often tell us how long they still have with us on earth. Respecting their wishes is very important. They may communicate to you that they want to die of natural causes, or they may prefer to be euthanized.

• To track lost animals: Contacting a lost animal can be difficult because both animal and human are stressed, making it difficult to ‘tune-in’. Speak to vets and animal shelters in the area, make flyers, paste them on trees and at shops, speak to your neighbors and alert everyone. Many animals are found like this. Remember that animals can travel far, especially dogs, so look further than your area. Animals, especially cats, can disappear for a day or two, often on their personal mission. If you are too worried and find it difficult to connect, ask the animal to appear to you in a dream. When your mind is quiet you can receive clearer information, and during stressful times like this, dreams are a good way to receive information from the animal. Before you go to bed, close your eyes for a moment and ask your animal to come to you in your dreams and show you where it is. Keep paper and pen close because you may have to write information down. You may not receive information the first night, but keep going and you will receive the answers!
To say goodbye to our animals: Animals understand that we feel sad when they die, and of course it’s normal to cry and feel heart-broken for a while. We can show how much we love them by giving them a lovely burial service or if you prefer, you can ask your vet to cremate your animal. If you choose to bury your pet (and if it is small enough of course!) you can place it in a box with a few of its favourite toys or treats and wrap it up in beautiful gift wrap. If your garden is big enough you can bury it in a special place in the garden. It’s a great idea to plant a tree or a flowering plant near its grave. As you lovingly tend your plant and watch it grow, you will be reminded of this animal that still lives on in your heart. If your animal has been cremated, you can scatter its ashes in the places that it loved to be, like if your dog enjoyed running on the beach, then that would be a good place to scatter its ashes. Always remember, our animals prefer us to celebrate all the good times we’ve had together and remember them in that way, rather than be miserable and heart-broken.

Do animals reincarnate?
Yes! Indeed they do! After the body dies, the spirit lives on, and if they want to come back to be with you again, they will, especially if they have been happy with you. They could come back as a different type of animal, or they could come back as the same type with almost identical markings. Who knows what they could decide to be, but the most amazing thing about animals is that they will let you know when they are back. Often they will have similar habits or traits, or that familiar glint in their eye…

Golden tips for communicating with animals
• Always visualize what you want them to do and not want you don’t want them to do, e.g. if you are horse riding and heading towards a jump thinking: ‘Oh no! He won’t make this jump!’ you are picturing this and in turn sending the horse that image. As expected, he doesn’t make the jump and you might end up having to dust the dirt from your backside while your horse stands there thinking: ‘Crazy girl… why on earth did she want me to do that??’ Often the pictures we send in our minds are much stronger than verbal commands. Here are a few examples:

‘Don’t mess in the house!’ becomes ‘Use your litter box’ or ‘Go outside’…
‘Don’t fight!’ becomes ‘Love each other’ …
‘Stop barking!’ becomes ‘Relax your jaw and close your mouth’…

Send them the picture of what you want along with the verbal commands and you will have a whole new beautiful relationship developing between you and your animals.

• Offer them different options, like ‘If you come when I call you, we can go for a walk, but if you don’t come, I will have to go without you’. Explain the reasons why you are doing things, like: ‘There are wild animals that come out at night and I want you to be safe at home, so please come when I call you’. In this way you are allowing them to understand your reasons better. Sometimes they can also fall back into their old, ways, but all they need is a gentle and loving reminder of your agreement! Always treat animals with love and respect, even if you are scolding them. Shouting at and hitting animals simply makes them fear you and not trust you. Like us, they prefer to be spoken to respectfully and have things explained to them. Animals are very smart – it is up to us to realize just how smart they are.

Exercise to track lost animals:
Close your eyes and calm yourself by breathing slowly, deeply and rhythmically…. Imagine a golden bridge of light from your heart, connecting you, sending LOVE, COURAGE, DETERMINATION and STRENGTH across this bridge and surround the animal in a cocoon of love. (Please do not send stress, worry, sadness and pain to the animal – it will certainly pick up on these vibrations coming and feel even more stressed than it already is). Keep your bridge of love and light open and shining and your animal surrounded in bright golden love. Many lost animals have found their way home using this bridge of love. They can also use your loving energy to heal themselves if necessary and rejuvenate their energy if they are tired and cold. Your animal may pop into your thoughts or dreams, happy and healthy with a big cheeky smile on its face, saying it is on vacation and coming home soon; it could show you that it is stuck somewhere and show you street names, signs or buildings in the area to help you on your rescue mission; or it could show you a picture of itself with its family or humans that have died, that will be a sign that it has crossed over.

Chantelle facilitates Animal Communication workshops for both adults and kids to Celebrate the Animals! We are all born with the gift of speaking with animals and there are millions of animals on this planet waiting patiently for us to hear their voices! These workshops are about connecting with and practising on live animals, reading photographs, meditations and exercises designed to ignite your psychic abilities and fine-tune your focus to understand the animals needs better. Participants are guided to ‘pick up’ imagery, thoughts, sensations and words from the animals. We will also delve into medical gestaldt to locate aches and pains inside their bodies.