My Gaia

My Gaia is a journey of self-discovery and embraces a wide variety of ways of returning to loving and nurturing ourselves, each other, animals and Mother Nature… the things that REALLY matter!The material is multi-faceted and can be enjoyed by all age-groups, young and old alike. It is fun, inter-active, experiential and serves as a bridge for teachers / parents / guardians and siblings to re-connect with one another. It offers alternative ways of self-nurturing, e.g. if your child (or you) has a stomach ache, you are able to ascertain which chakra is out of harmony, the related emotions and/or fears, and therefore determine what needs have to be addressed on a deeper level. A gentle foot massage, concentrating on the area relating to that particular chakra or body part and visualising the related symbol working its magic, could be the only ‘medicine’ young Julie needs to dissolve her aches and sleep sweetly. Reading the children a meditation when they go to bed is greatly beneficial as it allows them to calm down before going to sleep and tune into ‘God’s Messengers’… this may awaken amazing things within them. Children from the ages of 10 or 11 years old can usually use the material on their own and can be enjoyed with siblings and friends, and of course, adults too! Forward-thinking teachers could find this a very handy tool for extra-curriculum or aftercare classes. Activities such as reflexology, planting herb and veggie gardens, using Mother Moon as the guide and crystals to infuse them with light, is not only a lot of fun, but it may well surprise everyone to see how just potent Gaia’s energies really are.

Activities include:

• Guided meditations and visualisations
• Journeying through the chakras and the body
• Going organic, recycling, growing veggie and herb gardens
• Ancient symbols
• Talking to animals
• The workings of our energy, cells and DNA, crystals, massage…. and so much more!

Now widely available in South Africa and Namibia! For enquiries or further information from Chantelle, or to order you copy. click on image below:

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