Source Alchemical Healing

Source is another word for God. It is the unlimited reservoir of potential we all carry within us. When we re-connect and ‘root into’ ourselves, we give rise to our creative life force, which means that we can create or change anything we choose.

Source is not just ‘light’; it also embodies the ‘dark’ which is relevant in every human experience. There is no doubt that fear, pain and suffering is part of the human condition. However, pain’s job is to force us to concentrate on a deeper truth to be able to face the things that crush us. The key to this is to emerge from the prison called the ego and merge with the Divine force that lives within each of us. Once we discover this ‘secret’ it’s as if pain loses its justification and suffering dissolves. Embracing both aspects of ourselves allows complete acceptance, and therefore understanding of every situation, without torment, inner struggles and all kinds of suffering. When we change our perspective and realize that whatever is occurring is exactly as it should be, the mind opens up and contentment sets in. From this quiet place of contentment, the most incredible insights, solutions and ideas arise to the surface. This is how we gain control over the workings of the mind and body.

Imagine a tree rooting and connecting into the earth, absorbing the nutrition, love, and support and nurturing from the elements, having full trust that it is perfectly provided for. The branches start filling out and it starts sprouting buds and leaves… then it blossoms and soon afterwards it starts baring fruit. Only when the fruit is ripe, is the tree ready to offer its fruit for the picking. This is much the same as us humans. Once we have rooted into ourselves and re-connected with the Divine force within, we tap into the love and support of earth and the Divine Laws of Nature, and we start living in harmony with ourselves and one another, much like the tree. Needless to say, we have to weather some torrid storms along the way, but in our own perfect time, we merge with the Divine Light, we grow, unfurl and bloom… and then we are ready to bare the fruit that feeds those around us.

Treatments Offered:

The Process

The Process has been developed by Chantelle and is a self-initiated state where you are able to reach your unseen side. Chantelle ‘reads’ the fragmentation and blockages within the energy and helps you to understand your challenges, allowing you to see ‘your picture’ clearly as she brings in aspects necessary to address your specific needs. We all have internal conflicts that can cause major challenges in our lives – we cannot move forward until we have faced that which is buried within us and holding us back. These sessions are the catalyst for shifts which enables a much greater sense of peace, knowing, understanding and clarity. Psychic abilities and intuition is awoken and self-healing becomes the norm. The Process is successful because clients are consciously healing themselves while she acts as guide and facilitator.

90 minute session and clients are advised to wear comfortable clothing and will be asked to remove their shoes
Tibetan Singing Bowls and Crystal Healing are incorporated (Skype sessions also offered)

Womb Regression

The Womb Regression is a powerful tool used to access your core. Chantelle regresses you into the womb where you consciously re-connect with your Higher Self. This powerful and moving re-connection enables you to gain a greater understanding of the choices you have made and awakens clarity and purpose; this knowledge is re-integrated into the body at cellular level and the ‘new journey’ begins! Perceptions shift on a conscious level and life becomes a dance of synchronicity…

2-hour session, and at least two Processes are required before having the Womb Regression

Sound Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls:

Sound is one of the most transformational forms of healing around, and Tibetan Singing bowls carry powerful healing frequencies. Chantelle plays an array of these bowls on and above your body and as the sound flows and vibrates through the body, it fine-tunes, heals, re-calibrates and completely calms the mind and spirit, often transporting one to amazing places. Sound vibrations penetrate stubborn blockages, and something like combing tangled hair, they release and ‘untangle’ these blockages.

Enjoy this Journey of Sound for 60 minutes

What is a Kundalini Activation?

Each of us has a vital, living force known as kundalini stored within us, which is an expression of the energy of creation and the power of action that is inherent in human beings. It is a power hidden and lying dormant in the base of the spine. This energy is likened to the serpent and also referred to as the serpent power. The majority of people on this planet still don’t understand that they have this force within them. It will be awakened when the individual is ready to merge the male and female aspects within and has the clarity to tap into those resources. It is the unifying force within us. As we are aware, it is difficult to unify forces that are generally opposed, or work independently of one another, which is pretty much how we have lived our lives on earth for many years. However, androgyny is the divine aspect of the integrated male and female, and once you have learnt to unify this energy, there will be little you set your mind to that you cannot accomplish.

When we have understood our own sense of responsibility to ourselves and this planet and are therefore spiritually receptive, kundalini awakens. She fires the codes and, at the speed of light, sends a potent surge of energy up the spinal column, unifying the chakras so that they work in harmony. It fountains up through the crown and out of the auric layers and cycles back into the body. This energy is then dispersed throughout the body, re-activating the central nervous system and all the nerve endings, awakens dormant DNA and prepares the body at cellular level for transformation. It is the foundation of the Cosmic Consciousness that produces enlightenment.
Many gates are opened for those who experiences this transition, such as:

What does it mean to have a DNA Activation?

DNA is the blueprint that holds the Master Pattern for everything that exists. We have more than 100 trillion cells and in the nucleus of every cell is the DNA. Like the tiniest, most comprehensive library, the DNA contains all the information of who you are – on every level of existence. If all of the DNA in any one cell of your body were pulled out of the nucleus and stretched to its full length, it would be around 2 metres long. The information contained in any one cell would amount to around 600 books of 1000 pages each. However, we currently use a tiny portion of our potential – around 90% of our DNA is currently dormant, which means that we are only using around 4% – 10% of our brain power. Scientists have termed this dormant DNA ‘junk DNA’ because they weren’t able to figure out why it was there.
The dormant DNA starts awakening when we open our minds to a different understanding and acceptance of the Divine perfection in all situations, and when we see the possibility of transforming tragedies into the gifts that they truly are. We learn to understand things from a whole new perspective and embrace and merge the duality within. It is when these gifts awaken and ‘come alive’ within you that our experiences on earth takes on a very different flavour. Those who’ve experienced DNA activation have reported back to: