Who are the SunKidz, and what is their purpose?

There is no doubt that many uniquely special children are being born all around the globe at this time with a strong sense of purpose to heal and protect earth, not damage her. These are the SunKidz, tomorrow’s leaders, healers and teachers and as their name suggests, they are the Children of the Sun. They are guided, protected and embody the energy of the sacred White Lions (referred to by the African Shamans as ‘the children of the Sun god’). They are naturally intuitive, radiate light, live with awareness and have a natural ability to communicate with animals, plants and other life forms. Their purpose is to shine and radiate positive thinking! They are here to speak out and be heard; to make a difference to those who have lost their voices. They are ‘warriors of light’ who are born with an innate knowledge of what it takes to create a better and more peaceful world.

These are indeed unusual and challenging times with much uncertainty around. As the ‘old world’ structures disintegrate, it is necessary to find new ways of living in order to preserve our heritage and sustain precious natural resources. SunKidz are here to help this happen. In order for them to be effective, it is important to honour and respect them for the valuable and unique beings that they are. Should they find themselves in situations where they are limited and not able to express themselves truly, such as an overly strict environment or forced to learn out-dated material at school, they can become extremely frustrated, angry and explosive. They need to feel they are making a difference and be acknowledged and supported on their mission, so it would be sensible to equip them with the necessary tools.

For SunKidz to radiate and achieve their soul’s purpose, they need to find, and develop in themselves, the qualities of White Lion Leadership, i.e. Love, Truth, Courage, Endurance, Focus, Commitment and Community Consciousness, i.e. the ability to operate within a pride or group structure, although they are by nature very individualistic. These qualities will ensure they succeed in their mission of service to Mother Nature at this time of need. If these energies are not nurtured, it’s as if this radiant sun inside them, intended to shine light into the world, inverts and the rays get ‘caught up in knots’, not allowing them the natural channels to express themselves and shine! This causes a lot of frustration because they feel misunderstood and unheard, which leads them to becoming rebellious, self-indulgent, unresponsive, withdrawn, dominant and controlling.

To enable these precious SunKidz to radiate and shine their true potential, let us, the adults and parents provide them with a safe space to grow and explore topics that interest them, no matter how much we may object. Let us guide them with love and strength, encourage, support and take pride their hard-earned achievements. There is no greater joy for these souls than to start fulfilling their purpose from an early age. Let us open up the pathways for them to achieve this, because they are the leaders of the Golden Age.

Chantelle facilitates workshops for children from the age of 5 years old, based on ‘My Gaia – Handbook for tomorrow’s Leaders, Healers and Teachers’. These workshops are fun, interactive, experiential and most importantly, they serve as valuable reminders of the things that REALLY matter in life!