Windhoek & Swakopmund

Windhoek & Swakopmund; When: June 6, 2011 at 7:00am until June 26, 2011 at 7:00pm

I am so very happy to say that I will be back in Nam for a 3-week visit, and really looking forward to it too! J I think there are many of us who will agree that life certainly has ‘sped up’ quite significantly this year, with change occurring on so many levels all around us, and quite frankly, I can’t quite believe that we are in June already! We are being called to let go and let God at this time which simply means that we have to release past issues that cloud our judgement on our journey forward. Many of us are not even aware that we are doing this, but if your life is constantly filled with difficulty, challenges and dramas, then that is a pretty good indicator that you are dragging old issues with you (mostly unconsciously) that need to be resolved and released, so that your path can be open and obvious to you. This means that we could be faced with some challenging situations at this time, or some could be facing major change… one thing is for sure: it is the time to take responsibility for what is occurring in our lives and time to act on our dreams and desires! It is time to embrace EVERYTHING!

As usual, I will be facilitating 1-on-1 healing sessions for both adults and kids. So, if you have been teetering on the edge and wondering when or where the next step of your journey is, this might just be the opportunity you have been waiting for. These sessions are also open to, and suitable for children. I also do relationship and family counselling and I will also be facilitating various workshops> Details to follow below.

The Process (Individual Sessions)
90min per session
kids below 16yrs old (45min – 1hr)
kids below 10yrs old (30 – 45min)

The Process has been developed by Chantelle over the past 10years and is a very powerful self-initiated state where you are able to reach your unseen side. Chantelle is intuitively able to “read” the fragmentation and blockages within your energy and accurately helps you to understand your challenges, allowing you to see “your picture” clearly as she brings in all aspects from all avenues necessary to address your specific needs. We all have internal conflicts that can cause major challenges in our lives – we cannot move forward until we have faced that which is buried within us and holding us back. These sessions are the catalyst to restoring and activating dormant DNA within the cells of the body which brings in a much greater sense of peace, knowing, understanding and clarity. Psychic abilities and intuition is awoken and self-healing becomes the norm. She ascribes this success of The Process to the fact that her clients are consciously healing themselves while she acts as guide and facilitator. For further information on The Process, please check

Clients are advised to wear comfortable clothing and will be asked to remove their shoes.
Tibetan Singing Bowls and Crystal healing are incorporated into the healing sessions.

187808_151993691538028_636835_nWomb Regression
2hr session
The Womb Regression is a powerful tool used to access your core. We all bring information and agreements from past lives that we need to resolve in this life in order to learn, grow and evolve. Mostly we don’t remember what these agreements are and very often get caught up in cycles we cannot explain such as recurring health issues, family dramas and so on. These cycles will perpetuate in our lives in one way or the other until we’ve understood that each occurrence in our life in by our own design and choice, and that it is completely within our power to change and heal any situation. Chantelle regresses you back into the womb where you consciously re-connect with your Higher Self. This powerful and moving connection enables you to gain a much greater understanding of the choices you have made in this life and awakens clarity and purpose; this knowledge is then re-integrated into your body at cellular level, encoding your DNA with filaments of Light, and the “new” journey begins! Your perceptions change on a conscious level as a much deeper level of understanding continues to emerge from within. This is a very empowering experience.

This is a 2hr session and at least 2 Processes are required before having the Womb Regression

I will also do 3 Workshops:

2-day Animal Communication Workshop : Windhoek
11th & 12th June : 10am-5pm both days


Tools for Transformation Workshop : Swakopmund
Sunday, 19th June : 10am–5pm


SunKidz – Animal Communication Workshop : Swakopmund
Saturday, 18th June : 10am-12pm

bookings & enquiries:
Windhoek : 6th – 15th June
Jutta Dobler on or 081-283-6623

Swakopmund : 16th – 24th June
Zelda Lourens on or 081-124-6081

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