workshops-and-retreatsTools for Transformation
Is a 1-day workshop, introducing you to the workings of energy, and more specifically, the law of attraction. By understanding some basics that many of us overlook, we can change our lives significantly. This workshop is a catalyst for shifts and gives you the understanding on how to create and change things that don’t serve you. It incorporates crystal healing and the healing power of Sound, using Tibetan Singing Bowls and related sound instruments. read more

Becoming the Lotus
Becoming the Lotus is a 7-part transformational experience using meditation and symbols as our tools for transformation and runs over 4 evenings. It is necessary to know your body well, so using the seven main chakras as our compass we delve into the emotions stored in the body and see how our thoughts and feelings affect the various parts of the body. Every aspect of the body holds a deeper meaning and any dis-ease in the body is a reflection that something unseen needs to be addressed. Your body is the most precious gem you will ever possess and it is only through your body that you can transform your emotions. read more here

Celebrating the Animals!
This 2-day Animal Communication Workshop, open to adults and teens 15 years and older, is when we Celebrate the Animals! Have you ever wondered if it is possible to speak to animals? Wonder no more! We are all born with this gift and there are millions of animals on this planet waiting patiently for us to hear their voices! These 2 days are spent connecting with and practicing on live animals, reading photographs, meditations and exercises designed to ignite your psychic abilities and fine-tune your focus to understand the animals needs better. Participants are guided to ‘pick up’ imagery, thoughts, sensations and words from the animals. We will also delve into medical gestaldt to locate aches and pains inside their bodies. read more here

Source Integral Healing ~ Facilitator Training
This 2-day workshop will suit you if you would like to become a Source Integral Healing facilitator. It is necessary to have completed ‘Tools for Transformation’, ‘Becoming the Lotus’ and ‘Celebrating the Animals’ workshops. It covers all the practical aspects of this healing and guidelines and tips for ‘tuning in’, counselling, connecting with clients, and experiential training on ‘the process’ and ‘womb regression’. read more here

SunKidz Workshops
Chantelle regularly facilitates workshops for kids in South Africa and Namibia from the age of 5 years and older, who are ready to radiate, sparkle and shine! The teachings are based on her book ‘My Gaia ~ Handbook for tomorrow’s Leaders, Healers and Teachers’, where kids are reminded of their connection to Mother Nature. read more here

SunKidz Teacher Training
To sign up for this 1-day workshop, it is necessary to have completed ‘Tools for Transformation’, ‘Becoming the Lotus’ and ‘Celebrating the Animals’ workshops. It covers information on the SunKidz and their purpose, practical tips, training guidelines and teaching materials.

My Gaia Yoga and Horse Riding Retreats
Join Cornelia Kruger and myself for revival and relaxation in the scenic dunes of Vleesbaai as you experience the magic of nature combined with the many parallels of Yoga and Horse Riding. The rides are guided by Cornelia while the Yoga is guided by Chantelle.

My Gaia Yoga and Horse Riding Retreats points to Yoga’s emphasis on body awareness and openness of body and mind, as the best and safest state from which to work with and experience horses. Yoga has a way to help riders relax and feel at home atop a moving horse. The combination of riding and Yoga focuses on transformation. The horses are well trained, ridden barefoot and bitless, and Natural Horsemanship is practised.

The ‘stillness in motion’ of Yoga equals the ‘effortless effort’ of riding. What we learn in Yoga can easily be transferred to the saddle because Riding is like Yoga-for-Two… read more here